Poster Printing in Southampton

Are you looking for quality poster printing in Southampton? In this day in age, people are looking for companies with a high-tech digital press which can still deliver a sharp, impressive image for a fraction of the price of lithographic printing.  Digital presses are also great at printing onto large documents, so whether you’re looking for an A4 flyer or an A1 banner, our Southampton poster printing is the best option for you.

What services does our poster printing Southampton offer?


Posters are a fantastic way to promote your business or event and to gain the right impression, they shouldPoster Printing in Southampton stand out for the right reason. No matter the size of your poster, our digital press will be able to deliver a clear and bold image, providing the images on your document are of a high resolution. Read on to find out more about our poster printing in Southampton.


Digital Print Posters

Whether you would like your poster printed on thick or thin paper, card or plastic, our Southampton poster printing digital press is ready to go.  We have a wide variety of paper types in stock too, and can offer satin, gloss and uncoated finishes, which create different effects.  We can even offer a matt vinyl finish which adds a waterproof coating to your posters, making them suitable for outside advertising.


Backlit Graphics Posters

A great option for those looking to draw attention to their business, our poster printing Southampton extends to backlit graphics. This technology is commonly seen outside restaurants and can be used to display menus, price lists and pop art pictures. Our poster printing in Southampton includes printing backlit graphics onto polyester, which is hard-wearing and durable.


Floor Graphic Vinyl System

Floor graphic poster printing Southampton can often be expensive, but at PJ Drew, we challenge our competitors to beat us on price. From clever ways to promote items to providing an alternative signage system, they’re a fantastic alternative to wall posters. As with all floor print-outs for public places, our Southampton poster printing must be coated with an anti-slip agent in order to meet health and safety regulations before you apply the floor graphics to a surface.


Screen Printing

If you need a large batch of poster printing Southampton, screen printing is an amazingly cheap and efficient way of doing it. Screen printing is hugely versatile and can be applied to more than just Southampton poster printing. Many people come to us requesting we screen print plaques, labels, car stickers and instrument panels.

What else can we help you with?

Our digital press is hugely versatile. As a modern, high-tech piece of machinery, it can adapt to printing on all sorts of materials, which means we can pretty much handle whatever you throw at us. We don’t just limit ourselves to poster printing in Southampton. We also apply our expertise to producing high-quality:

Why should you choose PJ Drew for your poster printing in Southampton?

We have been one of the UK’s premier sign makers for over 50 years and continue to add to the skills that we’ve harnessed throughout the years and inject them into conducting the best quality poster printing in Southampton. We complete every part of our Southampton poster printing in- house, including touching-up the image ready for printing, drying and any finishing processes.

From A4 to 52-inch signs, our poster printing Southampton is renowned for its quality of finish no matter the size of the material. Get in touch with us, and we’ll be able to advise you on the best resolution for your images, and the size of the file you need in order to produce the best print-out.

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