Livery design in Southampton

Do you want an easy, cost-effective way to promote your Southampton company? Livery designs on your company vehicle are the answer! At PJ Drew, we have years of experience providing a wide variety of different companies with the best livery design in Southampton.

Southampton’s best livery design company

Owning and running a business is a time-consuming and tiring task. In today’s competitive markets, standing out in the crowd can be difficult. Make sure your company gets noticed ahead of your competitors and choose PJ Drew to design and create a livery design for your business.

Research proves that advertising your business on your company vehicles increases the range of your target audience. We spend so much of our day-to-day time travelling in vehicles, so why not utilise this fact and promote your company while you’re out on the road.

Reasons why our livery designs will benefit your Southampton company

There are many different reasons why you should employ us, PJ Drew, to design and create a fantastic livery design for your company vehicles. Some of the reasons include:

  • Can be installed on a wide variety of different vehicles
  • Can match your existing company’s logo and designs
  • Cost effective advertising
  • Easy to install and remove from vehicles
  • Establishes and promotes your product
  • Helps create a brand
  • Non-permanent – ideal for promoting temporary messages
  • Projects a professional image
  • Protects the paintwork of your company vehicles
  • Reaches a larger audience than regular print advertising

Why choose PJ Drew for your Southampton livery design


Over our career spanning more than 50 years, we have constantly helped different businesses promote their ideas, brand and contact details with our wide selection of signage products. We create all of our products in-house, so we don’t need to outsource any of our work, which helps ensure that all of the work we produce is to the highest standard. Other services our trained members of staff are able to produce include:


To see examples of our various signage products in Southampton, including images of our high-quality livery design service, view our gallery.

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Don’t delay in promoting your company with a professional and cost-effective livery design. Contact PJ Drew for all our livery design in Southampton service on 02380 446062 today.