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Welcome to PJ Drew Engravers! We are the leading providers of branding graphics and wrapping for business vehicles here in Hampshire.  

Do you run your own company? Do you want to discover how to best market your services? You’ll be marketing your business on a larger scale and to a wider audience with our Hampshire car graphics. We specialise in producing eye-catching graphics for automobiles in need of a logo at PJ Drew Engravers. 

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Durable and Stunning Car Graphics Hampshire 

Did you know that a car graphic is a great way to make contact with your customers? 

Make your trademark known and get your brand recognised by as many people as possible when you choose our Hampshire car graphics services. By putting your business name, service and number on your vehicle, you’ll be cutting out the time-wasting middleman. 

Save money by using our car graphics in Hampshire. Traditional marketing methods are a thing of the past. Now you can transform your vehicle into your very own mobile advertising machine. By advertising your company on your vehicles, you will build confidence in your customers that you offer a reputable service. 


What are Car Wraps? 

The wrapping graphics we offer for your vehicles are entirely designed here in our Hampshire factory. Our team works hard on bringing your dream vinyl graphics to life, whether they are for you or your company. You are welcome to visit us in order to discuss the vehicle wraps or graphics that you require, or you can reach us via email to discuss further information. 

Vehicle wrapping is a great advertising solution for any company. Vehicle wrapping and graphics advertise your business to reach a large number of customers, and an eye-catching design or print will get your brand more attention. Through conducting our set of vinyl wrapping design services, a branding print signage will be placed on your vehicles’ wrapping. 

Many companies place the details of their companies on the vehicles. By choosing us, we assure you that the vehicle wrapping or design that we will offer you is eye-catching and the print will be stuck in everyone’s mind. Also, many customers like to place their details on their car graphics. Our advice to all our customers is to have car graphics since they are a great way to advertise their business wherever they go throughout the print.  


Difference Between Car Wraps and Vehicle Graphics 

Car wraps and vehicle graphics are used by people as interchangeable terms, yet they are very different.  The main difference is that with wraps, the background will be covered with wrapping and the background will have the print embedded within it. Whereas with graphics, most of the vehicle will be empty without any wrapping or design. Smaller parts of the vehicles will be covered with branding, signage, graphics.. The same material is usually used for both of the applications. Read on more to learn more information about our set of branding options for your vehicles. 


Why Vehicle Graphics are the Right Option for you  

Car Graphics in Hampshire

Adding graphics to the outer layer of your vehicles may first come up as an unnecessary addition. However, the many years of service we have spent in providing Hampshire businesses with vinyl graphics for their vehicles have shown us the many reasons as to why one would choose to go through this process. See below for benefits of vinyl graphics. 

Protects your Car 

Vinyl graphics and wrapping for vehicles have grown popular due to the fact that they protect the exterior surface of your car from damage. They form an outer shell for vehicles that acts as the primary layer preventing the actual vehicle from getting scratched or damaged. 

Lowers Insurance  

Vinyl graphics and wrapping services have also been shown to decrease the costs of insurance on business owners. 

Digital Print 

A digital print poster can be used for a variety of reasons, including information, publicity, and advertising. Satin, gloss, and plain paper finishes are available for these posters. We can also print on waterproof vinyl, which comes in a gloss or matt finish. 

Backlit graphics posters are posters that are frequently used in light boxes, and we can provide polyester backlit graphic posters. These posters are ideal for people who own or operate food establishments, restaurants, bars, or the hotel and leisure industry. Backlit polyester is an excellent choice for displaying pricing listings and full-color photographs. 

What Other Vehicles Can We Apply Graphics to? 

Here at PJ Drew Engravers, we certainly do not only offer graphics for cars. Some other types of vehicles we also offer graphics for include: 

  • Bikes 
  • Buses/ coaches 
  • Cars 
  • Taxis 
  • Vans 
  • Marketing trailers 

Our Hampshire Car Graphics Bespoke Designs 

Our customers can choose from a variety of gorgeous vinyl graphic designs. These are simple to apply and are frequently added to automobiles as decals. Simply provide us with your logos, and we’ll create and apply them to your vehicles. 

With our car graphic application, you can gain a distinguishing advantage and a leg up on your competitors. Special effects such as holographic, frosted crystal, and fluorescents, to name a few, are available in a variety of colours. 

A vinyl graphic has the advantage of causing no damage to your car’s paintwork. If you want to get rid of your automobile graphic, all you need is an easy and non-damaging removal service from one of our experts. 

More Than Just Vehicle Graphics Designers  

The set of branding services we provide vehicles with here at PJ Drew Engravers are guaranteed to satisfy even the most demanding requirements. Our services have been shown to be the most comprehensive and extensive bespoke branding solutions you can find for your vehicles.  


PJ Drew Engravers specialises in supplying all of our customers with a high-quality engraving service. Our company has delivered high-quality engraved goods for numerous high-profile enterprises and organisations, including the Ministry of Defense, with over 50 years of experience in engraving and sign creation. In addition, we have etched a wide range of items for the industrial, commercial, and private sectors. PJ Drew Engravers is the firm to call if you need the best engraving Hampshire has to offer. 

Our Hampshire engraving service is well-regarded, and the majority of our work comes from repeat customers. Engraving is a fantastic option since it can give a product a completely unique feel that no other service can match. PJ Drew Engravers are happy to be one of the best engraving firms on the South Coast. 

Upon request, our organisation can produce a wide selection of engraved objects, including: 

  • Commemorative Plaques 
  • Control Panels 
  • Electrical Labels 
  • Engineering Labels 
  • Instrument Mimic Panels 
  • Stencils and Much More 

We are glad to engrave your free issue goods according to your drawings, giving them that wonderful individualised touch. In addition, we can create cut-out lettering and logos according to your company’s demands, and we can do so using a variety of materials. Our gallery website has examples of our engraving work; please click here to see some of our prior work. 

So, whether you need a single plaque or hundreds of labels, our professional and creative in-house team will make sure you provide you with 

Choose PJ Drew Engravers today for the best engraving service in Southampton and the UK. We guarantee a high-quality and professional engraving service. 


We have a very competent in-house design team at PJ Drew Engravers that will design and create your sign to meet all of your signage demands. If you operate a business, our team will create an eye-catching sign that will effectively market your products and set you apart from the competitors on the main street. Every sign printed by PJ Drew Engravers will be printed in a very clear manner for the intended function, whether it’s to signpost floors or a street. 

Signage we are able to offer you: 

  • Acrylic Signage  is a great way to market your company in a new and exciting way. All signs will be tailored to your specific building and preferences. 
  • Drew Matrex Signs offer a wide range of uses and are ideal for directing people to certain sections within a structure. 
  • Retail Signage is for all business owners who want to make sure their company gets the most exposure. 
  • Street Name Plates are essential for signposting roads and streets, and we manufacture them to the specifications of every municipality and local government. 

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require a specific sign for a function that is not listed here. Our sales and design teams would be more than happy to assist you in finding and creating the ideal sign to meet all of your signage requirements. 

Personalised Items 

Our team of vehicle wrapping experts here at PJ Drew Engravers are entirely dedicated to offering each and every one of our clients with the branding print signage they most need. The branding signage services we offer are entirely bespoke and personalised to whatever every client requests.  

Our vinyl branding design services are guaranteed to cater to the personal needs of each and every business’ vehicle graphics. The wraps and vinyl graphics services we offer for your vehicles are dedicated to granting your vehicles the design wrapping you most desire. 

Why Choose our Team for your Vehicle Graphics Hampshire Residents 

PJ Drew Engravers is a Hampshire-based company that specialises in making bespoke signage, graphics, and engravings for businesses. Our graphics have been providing excellent branding designs that truly show off numerous companies’ services for over 50 years. 

We always give the best service possible by utilising some of the industry’s most advanced equipment and materials. We are glad to say that we are registered to ISO: 9001 industry standards to back up this claim. 


View our gallery to discover the different types of graphics and engravings we can create for you. 

Contact Our Professional Car Graphics Experts Today 

If you have been looking for the best way to advertise your business locally, then the car graphics Hampshire services we offer are the answer for you. Our team of vinyl graphics and car wrapping experts are entirely dedicated to granting your business vehicles the branding they need. 

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